Tiramisù:must have!

by Camilla - foodaroundblog

TiramisùLet’s call the whole thing off… is a song written by G. Gershwin and his brother Ira in 1938 and speaks about the differences in pronunciation but there is only one way to pronounce TIRAMISU’!

Tiramisù is like a fine young man that so many “charming ladies” vie for: Treviso, Turin, Siena. Among all, probably Treviso, a beautiful town in the north east, watered by canals, quilted with bridges and water views as the nearby Venice, has the honor of having created one of the most popular Italian desserts.
Its name suggests mischievously alleged powers of refreshment, perhaps because just a tablespoon of this delicacy is enough to hear serotonin, the feel-good hormone, circulate happily in our body.
The Tiramisù recipe requires the use of these ingredients: eggs, sugar, coffee, ladyfingers (Savoiardi), mascarpone cheese.
Here in England I found the Savoyards (so called in Italy) producted in Italy and Mascarpone Sterilgarda, an excellent Italian food brand, at the store Fasta Pasta in the Covered Market in Oxford. I tried with an equivalent product bought at the supermarket (Sainsbury) but the yield has no equal. Especially the mascarpone must be of high quality otherwise the dessert loses its sweet creaminess.

For 4/ 6 glasses :
3 eggs
60g icing sugar
200 g ladyfingers
250g mascarpone Sterilgarda
coffee to soak the ladyfingers
cocoa powder for coverage

The process is not difficult: while you prepare a good coffee (for good coffee I of course do not mean an instant coffee!) separate the egg yolks from the whites. Add  half  of the sugar and the whole mascarpone to the yolks, everything is mixed until it become a light and soft cream. The egg whites should be beaten until stiff, gradually adding the remaining sugar. The two compounds are mixed gently together to create the pleasure’s quintessence .. the mascarpone cream. If you can fight the urge to dip your face in the bowl go ahead with the composition. For each glass follow this order: cream, not-too-soaked in-coffee ladyfingers, cream, ladyfingers, cream, ladyfingers .. like a mantra! Filled the glasses, finish with a dusting of cocoa! The cups should therefore be left in the fridge before being eaten … a torture! It ‘ strongly advised not to open the refrigerator: the view of Tiramisu could cause a sudden ravenous rampage.