What a wonderful Sbrisolona!

by Camilla - foodaroundblog

There is no one in Mantova and the surrounding who does not know the Sbrisolona. This cake, born between 1500 and 1600 upon the tables of rural families to celebrate special occasions, takes its name from its friability. In the Italian name can be glimpsed “crumbs” or “brise” that make up the texture. Not slices, therefore, impossible in the cut, but small pieces that you break off from the shape with the hands and munch, maybe (or even better) after a dip in a bit of sweet wine. The use of corn flour, a poor element, traces its origin which just later was enriched with ingredients such as hazelnuts (later replaced by the finest almonds) and sugar to brighten the banquets of the Gonzaga family.

Sbrisolona's ingredients

In Lombardy it was also called the “three cups’ cake” for the equal dosage of white flour, corn flour and sugar. The butter then replaced the lard, almonds have brought their flavor to counterbalance the sugar, and that’s how the Mantua’s most famous cake brought forward  its crunchiness over the centuries.


Very easy to prepare: once dosed ingredients proceed quickly with the dough, which certainly will not be compact, but grainy. Place into the pan in a well distributed way, the preheated oven is waiting, cook it until the dough doesn’t get gilded .. and that’s the cake all at once!


200g of flour
200g yellow corn flour
200g blanched almonds
150g caster sugar
200g of butter
2 egg yolks
a pinch of salt