Jane’s tea garden: an enchanted place out of time

by Camilla - foodaroundblog

In the mind: Boswell Sisters “I’m going to sit right down”

Jane’s teas..leave at home the twenty-first century, the hurry, the noise and bring with you only a pair of legs to make them walk and then rest, a bit of appetite and a healthy dose of idleness and a good book. Down the path along the canal, shortly after the quarry of Kirtlington, a sign at the roadside will announce that you’re coming to the end of the walk and you have the right to enter Jane’s world, in her tea room en plein air. You have to wonder if the mad hatter and the white rabbit will be hidden to feast somewhere, while a counter full of home-made cakes, scones, sandwiches is looming at the end of the green path, teeming of cups of tea, flowers, jugs, silver teapots. A cup of tea and a slice of strawberry&cream cake, a boat that flows slowly down the canal and the great beauty of Nature all around: nothing else, for a wonderful sunny Sunday afternoon.