Sicily on my mind: Modica’s chocolate

by Camilla - foodaroundblog

A gift that comes from far away .. Modica’s chocolate!Absolutely one of the best!


In the deep south of Sicily, crumpled up on the slopes of two twin headlands, stay bizarre and baroque Modica. This city, that was the birthplace of the Nobel Prize for Literature Salvatore Quasimodo, is like a macramé lace: a tangle of streets, alleys and stairways that wind through a labyrinth of houses, terraces, churches and bell towers. The oldest part of the city, clinging on the top looks down towards the canyon below, in the night lighted up as a old crib. Modica lays among mounts but the breeze brings up the sea scent, reminding that it is not too far from there.

I can remember an amazing road trip with a friend of mine, crossing the whole Sicily for two weeks and stopping in Modica for a night. I remember that after a long day on the road, almost without food, we arrived to Modica in the evening having booked in a pleasant B&B on the lower zone of the city. The restaurant suggested by our travel guide (one we absolutely wanted to experiment) was set on the exact opposite higher suburb: with a military and ravenous walk, that we baptized “Oplita’s step” we went towards the arduous climb to get there, after half an hour, sitting  exhausted on a terrace overlooking the entire city to enjoy a sensational and well-deserved dinner!

That said, Modica is very famous for the production of chocolate. The chocolate of Modica. And I’m very fond of chocolate. Made according to the ancient Aztec recipe imported by the Spanish, cocoa seeds are first roasted and ground, the cocoa mass is then cold worked, with the addition of sugar and flavorings. IMG_8700

The consistency of the chocolate thus obtained is then paste and sugar crystals nicely creak under your teeth, while everything else, including you, is dissolved. For intense contemplative moments…