My name is Camilla. I’m Italian, from Mantova and now I live in Oxford, UK. I’m working as a freelance food photographer and food stylist and writer for some food trades in the area. In my works I try to communicate what the food represents to me. I think that the food is identity, it is sense of affiliation. In the food we find our roots. In flavours we recognise our history, our home. The food is never just the satisfaction of a primary need. The food is a delight, a pleasure that involves the five senses. It is Art and creation. It is ancient experiences and new technics. Through the wonder of our palate and taste’s satisfaction we can travel. 

Why a foodblog? Photographing and writing are two great passion of mine. The food is just an excuse to talk about stories, emotions, memories, discoveries, special places, travels, people.

Some of my works are published here:

Tastespotting – Foodlooker – Behance

I also worked for:

Mariella Bliss – TreeO – ManuAtelier

I write for:

Jardin Joli

I attended the Masterclass in Food writing and Photography at the Guardian, with F. Cloake and R. Reynolds.